Introduction of FLEX

FLEX makes user to use Rich Internet Application by merging convenience and wide web approaching and high speed response of Desktop application as well as interaction. User can search data information through FLEX UI and completes in few times as well as make decision easily by full enough visualized data result.

FLEX is consisted by components so that we can provide suitable UI corresponding customer's expectation with more easy maintenance and development. FLEX which is powerful on collecting fixed data from everywhere can call various data such as XML, Web service, JAVA etc. )
Structure of
Function and

Dynamic web & active UI

It is applied RIA technology to realize visualized user interface and show up customer's real time data through FLEX components and LCDS dynamically.

Rapid processing speed

High quality cross platform analysis complex client's business logic and data processing efficiently as well as displays result very fast

Developer productivity and application reusability

MXML is markup language which is explaining UI to show up contents and function. However, MXML unlike HTML provides application data binding function and separating presentation and business logic so that developer productivity and application reusability can be maximized.

Powerful object oriented development environment

· ActionScript 3.0 - Action script is used for developing FLEX and objected oriented. It provides extraordinary function which are not supported JavaScript version.
- It supports powerful typing, interface, delegation, name space, error correcting and ECMAScript for XML(E4X).
- It is available to manage more efficient memory capacity than JavaScript.
- Modifying for clients by FLEX developer is available. · FLEX Class Library - The structural elements of FLEX, data binding, behavior and a lot of other function are included in library. - It provides professional visual application without any supporting from graphic designer. - Designer can modify it for suitable structural element for client through expandable style based CSS. - Customized skin can be produced by standard designing tool such as photo shop, illustrator and flash professional.

Realizing powerful UI on web such as software

Powerful UI is most strong point of FLEX. Detail and suitable UI can be realized and presented to client by web. It was only presented to client through installed software.

Desktop programming through AIR

Adobe AIR can reduce developing schedule and cost risk based on proof and reference to develop web application in its industry. As well as, it uses current web development resource and operates on major desktop operation system.

Supporting multi OS circumstance

FLEX can be operated and activated on almost every OS through FLASH which is already installed 98% of computer world wide.